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Backstage: Unsolicited Advice & Opinions

In Backstage: Unsolicited Advice & Opinions, Arthur Panaro offers us insight into art, politics, religion, psychology, and spirituality. From a perspective that is simultaneously sardonic regarding humanity’s choices, and inspired by the power of the individual to make changes, he comments on society and history with the full breadth of his knowledge. Classically trained in religious studies and eyes opened by broad travel, Art, as a counselor/psychotherapist and a seeker of truth, is focused on the journey of the individual. What he offers in this collection is food for thought and inspiration for awakening to one’s own path.

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Scenes from a Life: Memories in Poetry & Prose

In Scenes from a Life: Memories in Poetry & Prose, Arthur Panaro takes a playful autobiographical tour from Delaware to the Near East, from New York to New Mexico.

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