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The Placebo Chronicles

Part 1

(Folks, this first part is a joke. OK?) 


Is there any disease, discomfort, malady, plague, or disorder YOU DON’T want to cure or get relief from?  Of course you want to heal yourself.

We, at Placeboceuticals, Inc. (copyright protected), offer products to suit your every recovery need. We are committed to researching, producing and offering the finest, and most comprehensive assortment of treatments you may wish to try out on your affliction or disposition. We leave it to you to decide. You cannot overdose. All our products are OverThe Counter available. 

Diagnose and treat yourself at home. No endless waiting in doctors’ waiting rooms. Avoid septic, coughing fellow sufferers. 

Drug company advertisements on TV must tell you all the surreal,  unbelievable, and harmful side effects of their products, which are worse than what you are trying to cure. We do not report a list of toxic side effects because Placeboceuticals have none. 

Our Placeboceuticals are made of the finest cane sugar, brown sugar, demerara, turbinado, confectioners’ sugar, liquid and invert sugar, non-crystalized cane sugar, and not a spec of cereal.  

We don’t use artificial sweeteners nor high fructose corn syrup.  

Placeboceuticals also has a line of treatments made of Tibetan and Himalayan mountain honeys from organic beehives tended by Buddhist monks. 

Be the first on your block to try Placeboceuticals–the new democratic, good old American self-reliant way to health, free from pharmaceutical industry prices.

Part 2


go to: Chemical Imbalance in the Brain: What You Should Know.

go to: Mental Health Clinicians’ Beliefs About the Biological, Psychological, and Environmental Bases of Mental Disorders.

go to: The Troubled History of Psychiatry / The New Yorker —05/27/2019 [quotes below from p.68-69, The New Yorker article cited here]

  “Clinical trials have stirred up intense controversy about whether antidepressants greatly outperform placebo effect.”

In 1954, the F.D.A., for the first time, approved a drug as a treatment for a mental disorder: the antipsychotic chlorpromazine (marketed with the brand name Thorazine.)”

….”Next came sedatives. Approved in 1955, meprobamate (marketed as Miltown and Equanil) was hailed as a ‘peace pill’ and an ‘emotional aspirin.’ …. An alternative, Valium, introduced in 1963, became the most commonly prescribed drug in the country the next year and remained so until 1982.” 

…. “One of the first drugs to target depression was Elavil, introduced in 1961, which boosted available levels norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter related to adrenaline…..Focused shifted from norepinephrine to the neurotransmitter serotonin, and, in 1988, Prozac appeared, soon followed by other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).” 

….”Yet, despite the phenomenal success of Prozac, and the other SSRIs, no one has been able to produce definitive experimental proof establishing neurochemical imbalances as the pathogenesis of mental illness. Indeed quite a lot of evidence calls the assumption into question. Clinical trials have stirred up intense controversy about whether antidepressants greatly outperform placebo effect.”

….”Although psychiatry has yet to find the pathogenesis of most mental illnesses, it’s important to remember that medical treatment is often beneficial even when pathogenesis remains unknown.” p.69

Part 3 Here is a great way to end with something different and hopeful.

go to: Dr. Daniel Amen

Youzzz gotta check out Dr. Amen, who says if the diagnosis is heart trouble, the heart is treated as an organ of the body, and is treated and nurtured with medication, but also with major lifestyle changes and diet improvement. If the diagnosis is a mental health problem, Dr. Amen recommends nurturing the brain, another organ of the body, and the seat of the mind. He has developed 12 prescriptions for the brain. These, like the lifestyle improvements recommended to heart patients, include cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reformations–so much more than Prozac or Valium. Of course, in the best of all standard mental health treatments, psychotherapy is included with the psychotropic regimen. And of course, if patients report relief, who is to say nay to psychotropics.

In any case, Dr. Amen’s 12 prescriptions for creating a brain healthy life are well thought out, comprehensive, creative and worth studying.

Part 4

Daniel G. Amen quotes 

“To feel successful, you must be able to be honest about the things that are really important to you.”
― Daniel Amen

“Your brain is involved in everything you do. Your brain controls everything you do, feel, and think. When you look in the mirror, you can thank your brain for what you see.

Ultimately, it is your brain that determines whether your belly bulges over your belt buckle or your waistline is trim and toned.

Your brain plays the central role in whether your skin looks fresh and dewy or is
etched with wrinkles. Whether you wake up feeling energetic or groggy depends on your brain. When you head to the kitchen to make breakfast, it is your brain that determines whether you go for the leftover pizza or the low-fat yogurt and fruit.

Your brain controls whether you hit the gym or sit at the computer to check your Facebook page. If you feel the need to light up a cigarette or drink a couple cups of java, that’s also your brain’s doing.

ACTION STEP Remember that your brain is involved in everything you do, every decision you make, every bite of food you take, every cigarette you smoke, every worrisome thought you have, every workout you skip, every alcoholic beverage you drink, and more.”
― Daniel G. Amen, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted


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