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The Skillful Person

“The human being who starts by withdrawing his own shadow from his neighbor is doing work of immeasurable, immediate, political and social importance.” —Carl Jung, as remembered by one of his friends in the documentary, Matter of Heart (1986).

At a certain time in our lives, we may question our growth, change and purpose. We find ourselves wanting more from life. Can what follows be taken as suggested ways to explore our habits and life? Perhaps we can ask ourselves questions and begin to live what we might discover about ourselves. Perhaps we can live a more mature life.

Here are some of the questions:

  • Integrity/honesty: Do I act with reliability at work, with my loved ones, with myself? 
  • Accountability: Do I live a life where I can be counted on to do what I agree to do? 
  • Leadership: Do I take charge of my own life and situations around me? 
  • Vision: Do I have a purpose in my life? What is my life about? 
  • Mission: Do I have a plan to manifest my Vision?
  • Trust: Do I have people in my life that I trust? Do I trust myself? 
  • Action: Am I a person who makes things happen? Am I a person of energy? 
  • Parenthood/Family: Do I parent members of my own family? Do I parent others in the world? 
  • Growth: Is my life healthy and energetic? Do I help others reach their potential? 
  • Blessings: Am I a person who honors others? A person who praises and encourages? 
  • Relationship: Do I have close nurturing friends?

Let me take a look at: 

Who am I as a person . . . ?

  • Am I able to be accountable for the consequences, healthy and unhealthy, of my choices ?
  • Am I living in integrity with what I say I stand for? That is, do my actions align with my vision for my altruistic self?
  • Am I stepping into my power?
  • Am I learning about and owning my shadows: shame, resentment, guilt, anger?
  • Am I taking back my projections of these shadows at others? If I’ve seen something in someone that I don’t like, perhaps I am looking into a mirror.
  • Am I facing the conflicts that stop me from being the individual I want to be?

This piece is based on a summation of The Mankind Project/New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend by an MKP brother, Joe Gramont.



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