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Flash Fiction: What I do during pandemic downtime

Scene: a therapy session. The client and the therapist. First session. Set, well lit, professional furniture, muted colors and decor…

Patient:  [ Sits across from therapist ] I  gotta a problem with this so and so SOB I work with.  [Stage direction: [ patient may ad-lib and I go on and on about the SOB.]

Stage direction: The psychiatrist listens and listens, patiently, then: 

Psychiatrist:   Excuse me. This SOB– Should we get this SOB in here? Is he out in the waiting room? No? Ok. Well look, I don’t mean to butt in here, but I don’t recommend we do the SOB’s therapy for him. I’m not sure it would work, anyway. I usually work with the person here in the room. How does that sound? What do you think? Will this work for you? So tell me something about yourself…


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